Gardening Tips

My rain gauge is full!

  So much rain today.  That’s good news and bad news…

Of course  our gardens need water to grow.  Letting the raindrops water your garden is certainly the best way to quench its thirst.  The rain that falls on your garden keeps the leaves of the plants plump and cool.  Water keeps the soil soft so the roots have an easy time finding places to crawl.

Good water creates good fruit.

But too much rain is not good for the garden.  The soil fills up and there’s no room for oxygen.  Plants have to breathe too, just like you and me.  Too much rain means not enough sunlight.  Sunlight is what causes the leaves to stay green.  Sunlight provides the real food that causes plants to grow.  Without sunlight, a plant would not survive, no matter how good the soil was or how much water you gave it.  And too much rain keeps me out of the garden.  I don’t want to step in the muddy soil and pack it down.  That’s hard on the plants too,

kind of like someone stepping on your toes.


Tiny tomatoes
Potatoes ( and a few weeds…. )

So I will be thankful for the rain, and the sun and the time to rest.  And when the rain has stopped and the soil has dried a bit, I will go into the garden and dig up a few potatoes.  Perhaps I’ll make some pesto while I wait.  I can use the basil from my window box.  And of course, since there’s no need to walk in my window box, I won’t be stepping on any toes. I think pesto would be so tasty on a fresh baked potato.


Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope my sunflower makes you smile.