Grandma’s Garden - Betty Butterfly

Let me introduce you to Betty Butterfly.  She lives in Grandma’s magical garden.  She is tall and graceful, and so kind.  She likes to fly high above the plants, keeping an eye on how things are growing.  And she watches over the other insects in the garden too, making sure that no enemies gain entrance to this beautiful place.   Betty and Grandma have been friends for a long, long time.  Good friends are good treasures.


Grandma’s Garden - Billi Bee

When you visit Grandma’s Garden, you may also get to meet Billi Bee.  Billi is a hard worker, so she may not have time to stop and chat.  It’s her job to collect the nectar, which is the sweet juice from the flowers.  The other bees need the nectar to make honey.  She flies back and forth between the flowers and the hive carrying her precious cargo.  At first Billi was a little nervous about her job.  She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to find her way back to the hive with her sweet load.  But her friends helped her find her way.  They were pretty sweet too.

Grandma’s Garden - Sammy Snail

Meet Sammy Snail.  He’s a pretty slick guy.   He may be a little nervous to meet you.  He’s afraid  you might think that finding him in your garden would spell trouble.  But once you get to know Sammy, you’ll start to understand how he can be very helpful.  He doesn’t move fast, but he never gives up.  It’s good to have friends that never give up on you.