What is your child really asking when he or she asks “why”?  Certainly the curiosity of the moment wants to be satisfied, but more importantly, your little one wants to know you are willing to communicate.

If the “why” questions start to become overwhelming, try sitting down with the little human and play the “why” game.  Take turns asking silly “why” questions and soon the tension will turn to tickles.  Try it.  Don’t look for answers, just ask the questions.  Here are some silly “why” questions.

  • Why do giraffes have spots?
  • Why do bubbles pop?
  • Why do toes wiggle?
  • Why are leaves flat?
  • Why do mice squeak?
  • Why don’t we wear nose mittens?
  • Why are rocks heavy?
  • Why do I love you? (not so silly, but a fun question to throw in the mix…)

Thank you for taking care to help your child grow.

– Grandma