“Grandma’s Garden by Lake” is joining the battle against Childhood Obesity by providing warm and welcoming educational entertainment that advocates for children and their families.  Through music, song, story-telling and friendly characters, “Grandma” offers children creative tools for living healthy, productive lives in our world today.

The desire to raise healthy families is stronger today than ever, and healthy families mean healthy communities.  All of our educational materials and programming, including the “Grandma’s Garden” video and book series, are designed to help in that effort.  Our educational materials cover a diverse range.  From a focus on the arts and science, at-home family activities, to a variety of creative images of a magical garden that will spark the imagination, all of our materials meet our standard of excellence in providing good seeds for growing a healthier world.  Many of these programs and materials are available to you free for the asking.

If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to Grandma’s Garden by the Lake, or if you would like Grandma to stop into your classroom for a visit, please contact us at….


Thank you for your kind support!