Hunting for Treasure

I went hunting for treasure today in my yard and look what I found!!!     MMMMMMM…..


Do you know the name of the plant I found?  The fruit is red and small with lots of bumps. The leaves are green with spiky edges.  The stems of the plants have little prickles.  The plants are probably just about as tall as you.


Have you ever been hunting for treasure in your yard?  What did you find?  A good treasure hunter looks for many different kinds of clues?  Here are some questions you can think about when you are discovering treasures in your own world.

What color is this thing?

What size is it?

What shape is it?

How does it feel?  The big word for that is TEXTURE.

Does it have a smell?

If it is something that is growing in your yard and you don’t know what it is, it’s better not to touch it.  Just explore with your eyes.

You could draw a picture of what you saw and have a grown-up help you write words about it too.  You could even gather those pictures together and make your own treasure book.

3 thoughts on “Hunting for Treasure

  1. Absolutely Fantastic! You may need to vome to Florida for a winter segment. You look in yoir element Lorna. Congratulations! !

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